We have been supporting and coaching at Dunbar Surf Lifesaving Club. Surf lifesaving is a multifaceted social movement that comprises key aspects of voluntary lifeguard services and competitive surf sport. It helps people to reach high standards of physical fitness, swimming ability and life saving skills. It is a water sport that involves the use of boards, skis and boats. Competition for all age groups, as individuals and as members of teams.

As a Surf Life Saving GB club, the club has an exciting interactive programme based on age group activities. It is full of lifesaving knowledge, water safety skills and skills that allows a young people to gain confidence in the water and surf and recognition for their achievements.  Most important of all, it is the first step to becoming a competent Lifesaver.

First aid and lifeguarding affiliated to SLSGB & SSF

Improving physical fitness and water safety skills in young people